Who is Rae?

Rae Lydia is a non-binary singer-songwriter, featuring a crisp, clear voice that rises above currents of empathetic writing and various acoustic strummings of guitar and ukulele. A flourishing theatre career from childhood classically trained their vocals to give them the controlled sound they hold today. 

Rae Lydia has been writing, performing and publishing music for over 10 years. They recorded and released their EP ‘Gravitas’ in 2016, a tribute to their late brother, which received a glowing review in the Phoenix New Times not once, but twice

They have also performed at various venues around the Valley, including Sidepony Music Festival in Bisbee, Full Moon Festival, The Listening Room Phoenix, the Rhythm Room, Irene's Taproom, the late great Rogue Bar and more. 

Rae is currently mid-production of their newest single, "Dead Inside", which comes at the forefront of a crowdfunding campaign they are running to produce their first full-length album, titled "LUX", an in-depth counterpart to their first EP "Gravitas".

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