Meet Rae


Rae Lydia is an eclectic singer-songwriter, featuring a crisp, clear voice that rises above currents of empathetic writing and various acoustic strummings of guitar and ukulele. Rae began her music career in 2014 but had been writing music for long before that. Since she was 13 years old, Rae had always had an ear for music, and picked up various instruments on her way to finding her voice and her sound. A flourishing theater career from childhood classically trained her vocals to give her the controlled sound she holds today. Rae released her first EP album 'Gravitas' in 2014, a tribute to her late brother.  She has played in multiple venues around the valley, including The Listening Room Phoenix, the Rhythm Room, Pedal Haus Brewery, Rogue Bar, ScapeGoat, and more.

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